night watch

night watch

Thursday, July 28, 2011

another adventure
@ the beach

which way?
 bobbles day starts with a 2 hr walk in the am with her friend Lucy, sometimes we call her Lucy girl or goo-goo, Lucy is a whip-it a small Greyhound. when we get to the park she loves to play catch,she can run fast!!    After the park we walk to a spot where we pick wild flower seeds for the birds at home. They like new stuff to eat too. Then we visit the people at Miss donuts. place for coffee.   I"m tired by then and that"s when i get in my baby stroller ,and get pushed the rest of the way home.On our walk we get to pet  kitties,  & Lucy will chase squirrels,  & birds.  Shih-tzu don't do that kind of thing. I like to watch from my stroller sitting on pillows. Yeah baby! The life of a shih-tzu........bobbles98

play fight

chillin @ park

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