night watch

night watch

Monday, August 8, 2011


 Hey guys its me bobbles98. Just want to share with you my other
  Shih-Tzu friends  in the L.A. Meet-up group. You have to check out their site.

   Any way here are some shots of some of the parents and their babies.

this is china she has a special place in our hearts, she only has one eye but she still kicks butt.

                       See how happy they are,   
 were happy too, cause there are a whole lot of us Shih-Tzu's to play with.

this one had too much fun and had to be carried away.
Some are from the beach,

  other ones from dog parks from all around L.A.

   Don't be shy All you Shih-Tzu's stop by, were going to the beach   this Saturday. YEAH!!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of furry fun my furriend! Momma wishes she could takes me on walks MOL, she has thought about taking me in a stroller before. hehe


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