night watch

night watch

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 Hi there Bobbles here and if you were not there on Saturday at the bone yard dog park then here are a few pics of what went on that day.
                     Some started out with tubby rubs, others ran around like crazy.
                                  This is our group of humans their OK. too
                    You get us together and its on.  Look out n get out of the way its play time!
 Here I am.  Just kind of looking around, To see who I can play with, so many of us came together at this meet-up.

                    New Members  were there too, lots of cuties around that day!

                                                       More humans
That's enough of them here's more bout us. Here are some of us running after each other.  smelling and looking one another over.
                   Just look at all the happy faces. What a wild time some of us had.

        More happy faces. Have you ever seen so many all happy at the same time!

 Here is my friend Shaggy. Some times I go to her house n play when her parents come home. And sometimes we walk together in the afternoon. I like her.
 Oh yeah, don't forget Paul my human friend, he is the one that bought me home. I love him too. Just like I do daddy.

 Were so cute, and we know it!  That's a good thing. Its how some of us get by, you know how we work it. Got to get them treats any way you can.
            More new members. Wow what a cool Saturday this turned out to be.
                                  OK now where are all the yummy treats at ?
 ............ and you don't have to be a Shih-Tzu to come n play. You just need the want to play cause that's what Shih-Tzu are all about.  Oh Yeah.!!

              We only meet once a month, that seems like forever till we meet again !!
 I love playing with all my friends, if your a Shih-Tzu and your goal is to be spoiled, eat good treats, n have lots n lots of fun.  Then look no farther you are here. We meet next time in the Valley, a cool park with lots of grass. Come on and join us we wont bite! We live in west LA and most meet-ups are around that area. Come on n join the fun. And stop being left out. Tell your humans you want to play just like I do......................bobbles98
and special paw wave to all my kitty friends at #wlf

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  1. OMC - Look at all those cute doggies. Must have been a lot of butt sniffing going on too. he he


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