night watch

night watch

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well here I am Bobbles. I made it to the River, can not wait till i get out of the car it's so warm out side,must get to a cool spot where there is some nice tall green grass.  Here is the Hotel were staying at right on the River's edge.  My daddy is not here yet, he is on the bus working bringing a bus load of people to the casino.  

My daddy says the bus wont let me on. No pets. But that's O.K. cause he sent me in a car to meet with him here.  Here is the present i wanted to bring back to all my kitty friends at home but the people who drove here  wont let me bring it so sorry kitties
You kitties 
would of loved it. 
It was still fresh

Here I am in the grass at a park next door from the casino and daddy n me are together now. We just came out   It's a park that the casino pays for, and man it sure is a cool park there  are a bunch of things creeping around in the shrubs. All kinds of flying things like bugs fire flies,some skunks, birds, lizards, and i saw some kitties but they were not to happy to see a dog.
Me again walking down by the waters edge this time looking at some big o fish swimming near by. You cant see them it in the pic but the fish are there. 

Well the fish are not much fun cause they wont come out of the water n play.  I saw a family of skunks walking together so i gave chase n ran after some them skunks n I chased em to a tree n they each ran under the rocks by the water,but then my daddy grab me by the leash n had to pull me to safety. He says that they were going to spray me with stink. They missed me but boy it sure stunk all around that tree.

OOOOhhhh wait whats that sound? I better check it out, it could be something worth chasing.What ever it was it took off real fast.  I guess I scared it off. Boy my daddy is lucky to have me around. If it was not for me he would have to fend off all this by him self.

Here I am on the dock where the boats tie up for the night, no boats cause everyone is on the water. Its still so warm outside.  The next night after some 

prime rib n chicken dinner we went back to the same park but farther down the way. There is a dock there and a boat slip where the ducks come up to you when you feed em.  I chased them too right in to the water. I got all wet that night.  Some lizards were seen by the water when we first got there I think I will sit n wait till they come back. There are them skunks again I guess they didn't  learn their lesson from yesterday night.  Hold it one second

what is that ? I see the weeds moving again back n forth.  Could be anything!

whooooo's there?  Is that you lizard ? I hear you but don't see you. Show your self.

Wow we sure are far away from the casino daddy better carry me or put me in my stroller.  Can you tell that I'm getting just a little bit sleepy and that my eyes are starting to close.  I want to fall asleep but don't want to miss on any thing that might need catching.  I still have to be on my toes you know.

I'll just take a little ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

And let daddy push me towards the casino. Wow! I stayed up so late it must be 2:00 am. What a crazy walk tonight this was a lot of fun.  Now me n daddy are back in the hotel room n I just got out of the shower. What a nice room two big o beds for me n daddy. But First a little late night snack. mmmm  so gooood! Night Night.  Tomorrow will be another fun filled day with daddy.  I think he might try to sneak out n play the slots when I'm sleeping.  I think I'll let him this time. Bobbles xoxoxo

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