night watch

night watch

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

looking for kiggies

                Me looking at daddy, cause were on kitty watch today.
         Walking around  n having fun. Keeping an eye out for kitty's in the neighborhood.
                                        In my stroller looking for kiggies
                  come on, come on, hurry! I see a kitty over there by the fence.
                                      Hey there cute kitty, what u doing ?                        
                                    Barking dogs made the kitty run away.
YooHoo!!  going down kitty alley     
Me n daddy know that there are lots of  cats in this area.
Ok stop the stroller, look daddy two more kiggies! over there across the street in front of  that house on the lawn by the steps.
    Hi kiggies what's new with you ? do you want to play ?

                                                      Funny kiggies !

                                         Come on daddy lets keep going.
                      Look!  look! another kitty just sitting there on the little hill.

                                                  Hi   kitty...kitty come on down and play.

                                         I don't think he wants to play.

                 Oh man!...... all this kiggie searching can sure make you hungry.

                Lets go eat someplace where the food is good.
                                    yummy!..... were getting tacos for lunch.
                                        Hurry and order, no one is in line.
             On our way to find a place to eat, I"m looking left and right for a spot.
                                     Yummy two kinds of tacos this time.

                                             I like the chicken ones best.

Wow ! four kiggies  today, that was a good amount of kiggies, but I'm a little sad cause no kitty wanted to play with me.
That's OK because we never stop looking for kiggies, some do come up n say hi n sniff me out, n I sniff them, but that's sometimes, just not today.
My daddy said " don't worry bobbles, tomorrow we will have another go at it."   I know we will it's what I do, keep tabs on all the kiggies that live near by our house.

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