night watch

night watch

Friday, November 4, 2011

                                    Me in my stroller on our way to the park
                             Lucy girl all happy cause she knows we go together

                                               Lucy sees another dog

                                         another new friend for Lucy girl

                            hanging out at the local park, n playing catch with tennis balls.

                                 Lucy looking at some birds, yummy she said !
                                          us resting after running around
                           Lucy's friend Macy that lives across the street from the park, they are in love, well at least Macy is. Lucy not so much.

                                               more stroller rides for me !
                                                       come on Lucy !

                                           Lucy playing hide n  seek

                            hey whats that , another one of Lucy"s friends I think?
 yes! it sure is. this dog is from back east, they were  on holiday n loving the sunny day at the park. They were so nice, we had fun with em.


                         Me resting under the shade trees..................

                                                         ............. and me sliding on my tubby.

                     Watching all the action from a park bench table, n the shade.  now this is the life my friends.                              
                                               Lucy doing kiss kiss

                                              Sitting on daddy"s lap.




             Resting from the long walk to the park n all the running around we did.


                                               Hey Lucy come back, where u going?

                                               It was Lucy"s friend near the tree.

          Lucy n I are telling daddy that were hungry. It"s time to go home n eat.
                                                                         This is my I"m hungry look

                        OK lets go ! But a quick stop at the drinking  fountain first

   Well that"s bout an average AM walk to the park, and round trip home around 2 hours or so. Some times we have to stop at the market but not today. We put a chicken to cook while we were at the park.  Yummy chicken. I always go home in my stroller cause I"m worn out trying to keep up with the big dogs. It"s not as easy as they make it out to be.  Playing catch, sprint 1/4 mile. search for birds.  Us Shih-Tzu don"t care to do much of that kind of stuff.  We like to sit atop something high overlooking the other dogs n telling em what to do. But for now I'm too tired to even bark.  Take me home daddy I'm hungry n tired.

zzzzzzzzzzzz snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzz snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

                                                 See you all later. on twitter.

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