night watch

night watch

Saturday, April 14, 2012

                                         We meet every 3rd Sat in LA
                                         A whole lot of Shih-Tzu here!
        Below is my friend Shaggy, she lives near by and likes to run around, she is so fast.

                                     Shaggy looking for someone to chase

                  That's my head in the pic below. I sat on daddy's lap the whole time.
                    I don't like to run around, n too many dogs were in my space.

                                           me again just looking around

That is our new friend the Lion dog. He is awesome!                                                

                              so many cool dogs were there that day, what fun!

                                            Checking each other out

                                   Shaggy resting in the shade

                                                     Water break

                                     A 5min break

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  1. What great fun for you sweetie. so many cute doggies just like you to play with and sniff!


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