night watch

night watch

Friday, May 11, 2012

girls in santa monica

Woo-Hoo!  That's me n Lucy girl, and we are in the car, and on our way to another cool afternoon walk.    This time in the awesome city of Santa Monica.  Oh! what a place to be on a hot day.with a cool ocean breeze, lots of green grass, and cool stuff to check out.                                                                                                                                                                      
We started in front of City Hall
                        Me and Lucy standing so proud, happy, and loving life.

                                                       What's over there ?
                         Ooooooh.!          hold me tight, that looks high up.

                                              Parking lot at the Sears store.
                                                   Just taking a short cut.
                            Oh Oh!            Lucy see's something far away in the distance.
                                     She is using her x-ray vision.   Can you tell ?
                                             This is my "what's up look"

                                                       Yeah! what's up!

                                              Me, and the Flag of the USA
     Lucy way ahead of the group. Looking out for any danger that may come our way.   Daddy calls her"super hero" with her super powers.   She can Hear a kitty walking around from a country block away.  See a kitty at night from miles away. Runs at the speed of light, Where no one can catch her. She is too fast!

                                   Sniff Sniff.......Sniff.................Sniff..Sniff

                              Following each other around on this awesome day.
              Lucy said she knows where some water might be at, she can smell it.
                                              Come on guys, this way.

                                                             Hey There!

                                         Stopped for a smile at the camera
                                                   He he!        Lucy too!

     With her wild look.   Lucy Standing her ground.   She is letting the two dogs across the street know not to mess with us!
                                         Cooling off by the water fountain

                            Hey! hold me closer, I think I see a kitty in the water!

                                                          Oh! it's a bird!
     Catch you later, were walking around the side and back to the car. So have a great week my friends because we will for sure.

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