night watch

night watch

Saturday, August 6, 2011

just another day

That's Lucy and me playing around in the a.m.as soon as we got up. I like it when she sleeps over cause the fun starts first thing as soon as we see each other.

 Now this is us on the start of our two hour walk, as you can see Lucy is way out in front, even looks like she is pulling us. she can't wait till our first stop. We get to the school lawn first so Lucy can chew on her sticks, lucky for her a tree branch fell a few days back, that was perfect for her,as you can see.

 After some time we head out to the church lawn. There is no one there when we go, so we have the place to ourselves. There is Lucy with her tennis balls, she loves to chase those things, I don't know why she dose it no one is making her, Maybe she is trying to please us in her way. 

Oh well as long as she is happy, she looks it. A Shih-Tzu would never do that, I just like to watch from my stroller, let the other dogs do the fetching and stuff.

 After an hour or so we head to the park that's down the street, do a little walk through, to see who is there,and look for our kitty friends that live across the street When we call they sometimes come out , you know kitty's sometimes they come sometimes they don't. 

From there we make two more water stops, Then pick up lunch at the corner market where they sell baked chicken, brisket, and asst deli slices. yummy! You know what us Shih-Tzu like,or let me put it this way, its what we will only eat, The best of the best. Yeah!!

 When we get home, it's lunch,then a big nap. In the afternoon we go to castle heights ave and walk around the neighbor hood there where there are no cars, nice quite area, some hills, but that's o.k. we take our time,lots of small streets to check out.

  When it starts to get dark we start walking to Pico & Robertson sometimes stop in to Pet Co. I like the beef chews, and the pig ears. Lucy likes the little dolls,and stuff pets. She brings home those things and likes to put them in her bed, like they are her baby's she has around eight now.  That's us walking back from Pet Co, its around 8:40 p.m. a long day we had, we will drop Lucy girl off at her house, her daddy is always happy to see her.
 And that's what our day is all about lots of walks, the school, the big lawn area, and the park. Tomorrow we get to do it all again.

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