night watch

night watch

Monday, August 22, 2011

going to the store to buy chicken

 Hey it's me bobbles again and I'm on my way to rite aid and Vons market.  I'm going to get some chicken, daddy's buying some hard candy. There I am looking around the neighborhood  checking things twice. 

 You never know where a kitty may be hiding. Sometimes under a car or truck. 

 Sometimes  way back there in the shrubs. 

 well no kitties there. Maybe I better take a little break. 

 Have a drink out of my Harrahs casino cup mmmmmmmmmm,so cooooool............ were off again now to the market.

 There I am inside the store looking around for things on sale. 

Everyone in the store know's me and they come out and say hi to us all the time. They ask my daddy how is your baby ? (that's me ) & he says fine.

  well there we go, we got what we came for and I got my piece of fried chicken.  
 mmmmmmmmmmm. one big chicken breast. It's good to be a Shih-Tzu baby, yeah!!!!

now it's late but that wont stop me from catching kiggies, if i lay here in the backyard,   some  are sure to come around. zzzzz....zzzzz...zzzzz. 
mmmusstt....stay.... aw... awake......for.....kigg.....kkiigg....kiggies!....zzzzzzz...


  1. I wish my dad would take me around in a stroller, that looks great!

  2. Did u fall asleeps n miss da kitteh? I enjoyed goin long wif u on ur walk. dat so cool dat u can go in da stores in ur stroller. *HI PAW*

  3. You are so cute!!!! But I am worried about a little guy like you going up against a kitty. Could be dangerous!

  4. Awww you are the cutest little doggie. I was looking for the goodle Follow button, but didn't find one. I did subscribe via email tho.


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