night watch

night watch

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lucy and me

  Its me bobbles98.Lucy girl is back and ,this is us walking to the park. I'm in my baby stroller              cause i don't feel like walking,
 at least,not just yet. I know I don"t look happy,but I am, I just can't show it. You shih-tzu know what i'm talking about. Otherwise my daddy wont try to please me.   I want to go where the kitty's  hang out but  were not going that way. I know him, I just have to wait it out  he'll be sorry he didn't take me to see  kitty's first.

 This is us again near where we pick wild flowers for the birds at home.

    That's me again,  this time happy, well I can't let Lucy have all the fun. I like to have Lucy over, we have so much fun together.  

 After a two hour walk and a nice lunch we took a nap, do you think we had a good time?

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