night watch

night watch

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi Anthony its me Lucy. Bobbles is Zzzzzzzzzz..... so i'm using this minute to let you know what a wonderful time I had this week over

at Bobbles place.  Here we are on a walk, but not just any old walk, were gone for hrs it seems like.        This apartment has kiggies Bobbles said.
 We went in to Ross to buy something and no one kicked us out, everyone there knew Bobbles, n security guy came over and talked with us, n I think they were talking bout me. In me being so cute n stuff.

Were walking back from Ross and walking down all kinds of streets I never have been on.     I always walk out in front cause I have to check  for any danger, or kiggies that may dart out in front of us.   Bobbles likes kiggies though she told me.

 Bobbles in her stroller, its hard for her to keep up with me, I can go all day and night too if they let me.

              Checking left n right for cars when we cross the street, just looking out for my friend Bobbles we got to be safe.
          Here are some more good spots to check out, cause this house has bunnies running all around in the backyard.   That's me peeking though the fence and yes there they are just like Bobbles said bunnies!

On our way to another spot that Bobbles knows bout  where we might be able to see a kiggie.  But its on the other side of the freeway.  When we got there the house had all this scary stuff around.  But when we got inside Jo Jo the kitty was there, him and bobbles played while I just watched. Bobbles daddy had to hold me back. I don't know bout playing with kiggies.

After our visit with JoJo the kitty we walked over to Rainier Park  n had a little fun with some more of Bobbles friends.


                          That's us having a quick rest till we head back home.
      When we got home and finished lunch Macy came over for a few minutes and we kind of hung around with each other for a bit.  We were not staying long cause we had to go to the senior club and pick up some papers.

There is Bobbles at the senior club.  We were there only a few seconds  then back home we went.   Bobbles daddy stopped at Petco to pick up some crunchies n goodies for later on yummy.
       Annete came by with her baby, but her baby did not want to play very much.

     But that was OK cause Macy came back and it was on.   She started it!
     That's me on top, and no one is getting away.

 chomp......chomp......bite..bite.........woof.....woof................bite............chomp..chomp !

 He He ! here is where Macy gives up.  No match for a super hero like me!

Macy trying to hide from me. 

 Were best of friends.  We play together, we fight together, and drink together too.

     Me again, after dinner with a full tubby.  Everyone here goes to bed with a full tubby, Bobbles said its the rule.  That's one rule I can live with. And the food is good here too. Bobbles daddy cooks all kinds of stuff for us.   One day when we slept in late, Bobbles daddy cooked bacon, eggs, n cheese plate.  He said he made it was special for me cause I was such a good girl all week.  Anthony, I will see you in my dreams tonight. I miss you lots, but don't worry bout me everything is fine and as you can see we have a blast each day.   See you later I have to go to sleep now I love you and I will be here for when you come back.   Lucy Girl xoxoxoxoxoxo  Paw hug !

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  1. Wow - what an adventure you had while staying with Bobbles. It's easy to see that the Bobbles Hotel is a fun place to stay.


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