night watch

night watch

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

     yoo hoo we made it! RANCHO PARK in C. Hills That's me running after Lucy Girl. We could not wait to get here.  We left daddy in the dust.  He looks so funny trying to catch us and carry all of our stuff at the same time.  he he!
     The minute we got there Lucy Girl went right to the spot where we saw a skunk in the shrubs.  she looked all over for it, but daddy told us to get away from there, n leave the skunks alone.
     Wow just trying to keep up with Lucy Girl is a job.  For me at least, I have small legs

     I'll just rest for a few minutes here on top of daddy and on the picnic bench too.
                  Lucy Girl by the picnic area looking around n she sees something way off in the distance.  I wonder what it is.  We Shih-Tzu can't see that well, n that is why i like it when Lucy is with us.  She can spot danger from far away.  Oh yeah did  i forgot to tell you.   Did you know that Lucy Girl  is a supper hero. Oh yes she is.  She keeps us from danger from other dogs that might not be so nice.  When Lucy spots them we cross the street, or go the other way.
                                           Me more resting in the tall grass!
          Lucy cant seem to know where to go next, she is so happy here looking around at all that space, free with no leash on and not a sole in site. Just us. What a good feeling, I think that is what she is thinking too.
     After a little nap n daddy took his pill, we were off again, This time Lucy follow's me cause we were going to show Lucy the other side of the park, that me n daddy go to when its just the two of us.  woo hoo!    come on Lucy  weeeeeeee

 The other side has more picnic benches, BBQ's and more grass. Lots n lots of grass nice n green too. This is where we set up camp. We bought water, woobies, Lucy treats,and tennis balls.  We were set! Some of my woobies got dirty.

     I chased Lucy Girl n Lucy chased me. And not a single human around to say Hey put them dogs on a leash!  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ha Ha!
     That's us sitting in the shade after 3 hours of running, playing, looking around, checking out skunks, birds, n chasing daddy,  Daddy says that Lucy Girl has hungry eyes, and we should get going so that he can fix lunch. What a great day I had with Lucy Girl it was pawsome!
On the way home daddy talked of buying some chicken for us,  So we stopped at pet-co where kiggies go n bought a bag of chicken pops, look like pop corn, yummy and two pig ear's one for me n one for Lucy. We chewed on them ears after lunch for hours, It was a day to remember...................................bobbles

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