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night watch

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shih-Tzu Party at the park

       Hi guys, n Happy Holidays to everyone and all my Twitter friends, Wow! Let me tell you the last few days have been like a dream come true for us doggies.  Daddy took me n Lucy girl to the park every day last week n we stayed till it got dark. And now this Saturday were getting ready to go to the Shih-Tzu club.  That's me at home trying on my new costume. I went as a witch.  Many Paws picked it out for me, cause poor daddy he's not that good at picking clothes n stuff.
      And it's a good thing they picked it out for us cause it helped me to be one of the Lucky winners that day.  Here are some more winners getting their costumes on.
            There were Pumpkins, Angles, Butterflies, witches, pirates, and more

                Some were caught kissing each other, another one shy under a chair at first. but came out later once he saw all the fun.
                           Our Humans holding us so proud n looking happy...........
                        but..... Us.... not so happy once they forced  the hats on us.

                                     Me too I'm not to happy bout the hat
 This better be the last picture!  I love my daddy but enough is enough with the hat.  I'm telling him that here! Can you tell ? But once the hats were off it was all good.
                            Cutie pie China was there too. Way hot in her dress
                                 Some new ones came n joined in on the fun
     There is Mr foo, He was having a blast. Watching us get ready in to our costume gear he he he!  Mr Foo said. he he!
               Everyone won a toy n a bag of treats. I got the chicken jerky n a cool chew toy. I guess it was worth wearing the hat after all.
                                           woohoo! dogie free for all.
                                        Some of us made new friends
                                                     HI THERE!
                                            Do we look happy or what ?
            There is Shaggy in her pirate costume, so cute,  and she knows how to party!
          And the fun keeps on going....wonder what were going to do tomorrow ?

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